My fourth Grade daughter was having trouble reading.  The teacher told us that she was reading at a 2nd grade level.  we were shocked but it did explain her low grades and bad attitude towards school.  Ms. Bresler came over and quickly they had a great relationship.  Within months our daughter was reading above grade level and her grades were all A's.  More importantly, she couldn't wait to go to school and learn.  These people are ANGELS!!!!

Delores Franks

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I took the SAT and ACT 3 times, never scoring over 1500 or a 24.  I was an AP student that just struggled with tests.  My mom called Mr. Briganti and he coached me for 3 months.  I ended up with nearly a 2100 and a 30.  My parents were so happy and I was too!!!!

Danny Yoon

After his first semester in high school, my son was getting an F or D in almost all his classes.  I contacted Mr. Briganti and what happened next was simply amazing.   First, He motivated my son to realize that everything in High School counts.  Next, he met with all of the teachers and together, with my son, made educational contracts with them.  Mr. Briganti helped my son get back on track.  He raised his GPA to 2.7 after one year and now is is closer to 3.2 unweighted.  Froam academic probation to Deans List!!!.  Thank you Education For U.

Tina Kim

Below are real testimonials from students that Education For U has had the opportunity to help.

Below are real testimonials from parents of students that Education For U has had the opportunity to help.

"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. I took a few test preparations classes and my scores have really improved. Thanks for working with me."

Jimmy Lee

"Working with Education for U has been a blessing.  My Sat scores are through the roof and I cant wait to take the ACT.  Mr. Briganti also helped me get into an Archaeology program with Brown University.  I had a blast.  I highly recommend getting to know the teachers at Education For U!!! ."

Chance Taylor